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New Hope Family Services Can Keep Its Door Open…For Now

Maureen Collins
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New Hope Family Services Can Keep Its Door Open…For Now

Thanks to a court ruling yesterday morning, New Hope Family Services can continue to serve children in need in the Syracuse, New York area just like it’s been doing for over 50 years.

New Hope is a pregnancy center, providing pregnancy tests, medical referrals, and counseling. It’s also an adoption agency that offers adoption planning, and adoption placement. It counsels, advises, and walks with adoptive couples and birth parents alike to place children with loving families.

New Hope serves its community with excellence. The New York Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) even recognized this in its review of New Hope in the Fall of 2018, writing in a letter that the organization had “a number of strengths in providing adoption services within the community.”

But then, the OCFS threatened to shut down New Hope. Something changed—but it wasn’t New Hope.

As a Christian non-profit, New Hope sees the services it provides as an extension of its faith. And it follows its religious belief that the best home for a child is with a married mother and father, placing children in homes consistent with this belief.

The OCFS called this policy “discriminatory and impermissible.” It issued an ultimatum to New Hope to violate its beliefs or submit a closeout plan for its adoption services.

With over 400,000 children in the foster care system nationwide, including more than 25,000 children in the state of New York alone, you would think that government agencies like OCFS would as many adoption providers as possible working to find homes for these children.

But it appears that OCFS is putting politics ahead of the needs of children.

Thankfully, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit issued an emergency order on Monday to temporarily halt the OFCS from targeting New Hope while New Hope’s appeal is being considered.

This means that New Hope can continue to serve its community for now.

On November 13, the Second Circuit will hear oral arguments in New Hope’s case, which will ultimately decide whether to reverse a federal district court’s decision to dismiss the case entirely.

Please keep New Hope Family Services in your prayers.

Maureen Collins
Maureen Collins
Web Editor & SEO Manager
Maureen Collins serves as the Web Editor and SEO Manager at Alliance Defending Freedom.