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One of the Most Difficult Jobs in America Today

October is Pastor Appreciation Month, and it brings to mind one clear reality: The role of the pastor in America seems to be more difficult with each passing year.

Christian Bakers’ Victory at UK Supreme Court Keeps Free Speech Alive

The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom delivered a unanimous 5-0 ruling in favor of Ashers Baking Company and its Christian owners restoring their freedom of speech.

6 Years Later, Trinity Lutheran Church Finally Got Its New Playground Surface

It took six years and a Supreme Court decision, but Trinity Lutheran Church of Columbia finally has a new playground surface.

These Swedish Midwives Were Barred from Working Because of Their Pro-Life Beliefs

Can you imagine being barred from your work, simply because you cannot in good conscience perform one aspect of the profession?

This South Carolina Church Should Be Treated the Same as Other Groups

Treating churches the same as secular groups is not giving them any sort of advantage – it’s just fair.

Why a Supreme Court Ruling on Union Dues Could Be Good News for College Students

How does a ruling on the constitutionality of public union dues potentially affect student activity fees?