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5 Eye-Opening Quotes from the Briefs Supporting Harris Funeral Homes at the Supreme Court

Here are just a few quotes from the many briefs supporting Harris Funeral Homes at the Supreme Court.

Opening Meetings with Prayer Is About More Than Just Good Vibes

For centuries, public bodies in America have opened meetings with a prayer. Yes, it’s a part of the American tradition, but why?

How One Professor’s Angry Censorship Backfired

Nothing. That’s what Bernadette Tasy had to show for her pro-life efforts on the Fresno State University campus, as the school year drew to a close.

How You Can Help Protect Freedom for Americans like Blaine Adamson

Your prayers and support make it possible to provide Blaine and others like him with a strong legal defense.

3 Reasons the Supreme Court Should Weigh in on California Forcing Nonprofits to Reveal Their Donors

Every American should be free to support causes they believe in without fear of harassment or intimidation.

Did You Know Women’s Rights Are on Trial?

In each of these cases, the safety, privacy, and equal opportunities for women and girls has been compromised in order to push a political agenda. But there is hope.