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A School Referred to This Dad’s Daughter as a Boy for Months…Without Telling Him

What happened to Jay could happen more frequently if “sex” is redefined to include “gender identity” in federal law.

Anchorage Ends Crusade Against Overnight Women's Shelter

This is a win for the religious liberty of every American, protecting our right to freely live and serve others according to our beliefs.

Good News! New York City Repeals Law That Threatened Jewish Counselor’s Practice

An important victory, not just for Dr. Schwartz and his clients, but for every American’s free speech.

What We Can Learn from the Story of the Abortionist Who Hoarded Bodies of Aborted Babies

What happened at the Illinois residence of Ulrich Klopfer shocks the conscience.

The Slippery Slope of Redefining 'Sex' to Mean 'Gender Identity'

If the words in a law can be changed based on what some want them to mean at any given time, how can we rely on the law?