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Alliance Defending Freedom Blog

What Is Cancel Culture and What Does It Have to Do with the SPLC?

The answer to our problems is not to silence others’ speech. The answer is more speech.

Another Photographer Is Taking a Stand for Freedom – This Time in Kentucky

Chelsey serves all people, but she cannot use her artistic talents to celebrate every event or express every message.

What If PETA Were Forced to Hire Recreational Hunters?

While this is a hypothetical, a law like this was recently passed in New York.

From "In Loco Parentis" to Just Plain Loco

If it weren’t bad enough that some colleges and universities think they need to tell students how to think and what to believe, one public university has actually tried to force students deemed overweight—by the university—to exercise.

News You Should Know: Standing Up for the Truth

Did you see these news stories from the past week?

New Movie Showcases Just How Much Speech is Restricted on Some University Campuses

“No Safe Spaces” demonstrates with captivating clarity that when free speech is stifled, everybody suffers.