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What Happened When This Christian Law Student Stood Up for the Unborn

Being a Christian in law school, where the Judeo-Christian worldview is so often rejected and ridiculed, is not always easy.

Everyone Should Want the Supreme Court to Uphold This Louisiana Law…Unless You’re an Abortionist

Today, it seems that pro-abortion advocates care more about removing any and all regulations on abortion than about women’s safety.

ADF Attorney Jonathan Scruggs on the Blackstone Legal Fellowship

"Blackstone encouraged me to believe that my passion for my faith and my passion for law could be united and didn’t have to be in tension."

9 Wins You Helped Make Possible in 2019

You’ve made several key victories possible in this past year, especially on the issue of free speech for people of faith.

What a New Report Gets Wrong about Religious Liberty

Whose faith really matters? Everyone’s.

Check Out the Top Five Most Read Blog Posts of 2019

Here is a look back at the five most-read blogs of 2019.

When It Comes to Equal Opportunities Between the Sexes, We Cannot Accept Equivalency.

For true equality of opportunity between the sexes to flourish, distinctions between men and women must be made.