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Alliance Defending Freedom Blog

4 Threats to Your Religious Freedom and What You Can Do About It

These threats seek to delegitimize Christian and conservative voices.

The Heartwarming Story Behind This Church's Pro-life Witness

“We’re 100% when it comes to life. We’re all in."

Europe’s 'Hate Speech' Laws Are a Warning to Americans

If Americans want to retain a functioning democracy, then we should learn from Europe’s slippery slope of “hate speech” laws.

This High School Teacher Was Fired for What He Didn’t Say

Peter Vlaming had taught at West Point High School for almost 7 years when he was suddenly disciplined and then fired.

Why Did A Federal Court Stop Missouri from Protecting Children with Down Syndrome?

The stigma against people with Down syndrome is costing lives. So, the state of Missouri decided to do something about it.

Barronelle Does Much More than Sell Flowers

She designs custom wedding arrangements and participates in celebrating sacred ceremonies.