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Supreme Court of the United States

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Victory for Academic Freedom: 4th Circuit Says Professor’s Speeches, Columns Protected by First Amendment

A University of North Carolina–Wilmington professor’s speeches and columns are fully protected by the First Amendment, according to a published decision handed down Wednesday by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit.

Adams, Academia, and Accountability

Dr. Donald Downs highlights the importance of Dr. Mike Adams’ lawsuit against the University of North Carolina-Wilmington.

Adams Appeals & Wins Some Friends

Back in March, a federal district court in North Carolina ruled that Dr. Mike Adams’ nationally syndicated columns were not protected by the First Amendment.

The Fox is Guarding the Henhouse: Faculty Members Look to Universities to Protect Academic Freedom

Today, Peter Schmidt has an excellent article at the Chronicle of Higher Education on the efforts of various professors to shore up academic freedom at their respective universities.

The Ridiculous

ADF Center for Academic Freedom client Mike Adams posted an article today at that humorously highlights the ludicrous implications of the speech code at the University of Northern Colorado.

True Diversity Needed

Over at the American Thinker, (h/t Pope Center), Jon Lipsman writes about his experience as a conservative professor in academia over the course of a few decades.