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Supreme Court of the United States

Alliance Defending Freedom Blog

Around The World, A Sea Of Legal Challenges

Three recent events from around the globe illustrate how important it is that we watch and remain involved in these overseas cases.

Illegal to be pro-life? Unconstitutional CA Law Forces Pregnancy Centers to Promote Abortion

ADF filed a complaint in federal court against the state of California for passing an unconstitutional law that forces pro-life pregnancy centers to promote abortion.

The Obama Administration’s Attack on Roe v. Wade

Compared to the government’s attacks on conscience today, even Roe v. Wade itself looks conservative.

3 Reasons Why Marriage Matters

A bride-to-be shares three reasons that marriage matters to her.

The Weekly Digest: 2-3-16

Highlights from the news of the past week.

Marriage is Our Future: Katy Faust’s Story

Katy grew up with her mom and her mom’s lesbian partner. If all a child needs is loving, committed parents, shouldn’t that have been enough?

Debunking Pro-Abortion Myths At The US Supreme Court

Don’t believe the pro-abortion lobby when it says that abortion businesses should get a free pass to threaten women’s health and safety.