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Marriage Is Our Future: Dawn Stefanowicz’s Story

Dawn is one of a small group of adults who grew up with LGBT parents, most of whom were involved in same-sex relationships, that are now speaking up for marriage.

Calling ISIS Genocide What It Is: The International Community’s First Step in Keeping the “Never Again” Promise

We hope for the sake of all those on the ground in Syria and Iraq whose lives are hanging in the balance that the United Kingdom, the United States, and the international community at large, will deliver on their word.

The Weekly Digest: 2-24-16

The Weekly Digest summarizes news stories from the previous week.

Across America, the Silencing Is Deafening

Unlike Miracle Max, these judges and officials have gone beyond refusing to listen to ideas they don’t agree with. They now are moving to silence the voices that speak those ideas … and increasingly, to order forced indoctrination designed to bring our souls in line with the government’s position.”

4 Lessons We Can All Learn From Justice Antonin Scalia’s Legacy

Scalia's most priceless testimony was simply the way he lived his life, and for that, great majority of even his most vociferous opponents could express their appreciation.

James and Lea's Marriage Story: Fueled by Friendship and Sustained by Commitment

In ten more years of marriage, they hope they can still say that their wedding day is the day they loved each other least.

The Weekly Digest: 2-17-16

This week, the Digest remembers Justice Antonin Scalia.