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Across America, the Silencing Is Deafening

Unlike Miracle Max, these judges and officials have gone beyond refusing to listen to ideas they don’t agree with. They now are moving to silence the voices that speak those ideas … and increasingly, to order forced indoctrination designed to bring our souls in line with the government’s position.”

6 Myths About Allowing Transgender Students to Use Restrooms of the Opposite Sex

Let's correct the myths about policies requiring students use the restrooms and shower facilities in accordance with their biological gender.

Senate Fulfilling–Not Failing–Constitutional Duty by Letting Americans Speak on Scalia Replacement

The Senate is checking imperial executive power now by protecting the People’s rights in the electoral process on a generation-shaping decision: who replaces the late U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

4 Lessons We Can All Learn From Justice Antonin Scalia’s Legacy

Scalia's most priceless testimony was simply the way he lived his life, and for that, great majority of even his most vociferous opponents could express their appreciation.

James and Lea's Marriage Story: Fueled by Friendship and Sustained by Commitment

In ten more years of marriage, they hope they can still say that their wedding day is the day they loved each other least.

The Weekly Digest: 2-17-16

This week, the Digest remembers Justice Antonin Scalia.

Sad Face? Pro-Abortion Mask Slips over More Texas Babies

Instead of glossing, Cosmopolitan’s tweet just tells the truth: pro-abortion advocates are against babies. Babies actually make them sad.