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4 Reasons Why the Houston Indictment Didn't Help Planned Parenthood

The reality is that the Houston indictment didn't exonerate Planned Parenthood in the court of public opinion or the court of law. Here's why.

What the First Boy Ever Diagnosed with Autism Teaches Us about the Value of Life

Donald's life is valuable because he was given the chance to live it—and in doing so, he made an impact on the world around him.

Privacy Protected: Why South Dakota’s Bathroom Law is Common Sense

In the absence of values, confusion reigns. That’s why lawmakers in South Dakota found it necessary to pass a law requiring students to use bathrooms and changing rooms that correspond to their sex at birth.

Marriage is Our Future: Denise Shick’s Story

“There are times when it’s not as emotional, and then there are days when you just sit there and cry because you still feel like that nine year old girl, that just wants her daddy.”

WANTED: The Next Generation of Leaders to Impact the World

Areté Academy is a one-week training program for college students and recent graduates pursuing careers in law, government, business, and public policy.

Calling ISIS Genocide What It Is: The International Community’s First Step in Keeping the “Never Again” Promise

We hope for the sake of all those on the ground in Syria and Iraq whose lives are hanging in the balance that the United Kingdom, the United States, and the international community at large, will deliver on their word.

The Weekly Digest: 2-24-16

The Weekly Digest summarizes news stories from the previous week.