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Supreme Court of the United States

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"Worth It": A Conversation With the Director

"I wanted to show how rewarding choosing life can be while acknowledging the real-life struggle and pain for the mother."

WATCH: Parents Resist School Board Indoctrination of Their Children

What brought out hundreds of concerned community members? A growing concern about school policies and teaching radical ideologies about race, gender, and sexuality.

Can the Government Force You to Speak? This 10th Circuit Decision Says “Yes”

Working with ADF attorneys, Lorie Smith’s case currently awaits a decision by the U.S. Supreme Court, after a lower court ruled against her earlier this year.

Parents Forced to Sue School District to Protect Right to Care for Their Children

The bottom line is that parents know their children best, and they do not surrender their parental role when they send their children to school.

Let Lorie Smith (Not) Speak!

It is long past due for creative professionals and artists such as Lorie to stop living under the threat of compelled speech and government coercion.

Can’t We Just Let Creative Professionals Create?

Creative professionals are facing lawsuits, fines, and other punishment by the government for not wanting to use their artistic expression to promote messages that violate their conscience.

New York Is Trying to Control This Photographer’s Speech—So She’s Taking a Stand

The Constitution protects artists like Emilee Carpenter from being silenced or punished for expressing their beliefs.