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Alliance Defending Freedom Blog

Washington State Treats Churches Worse Than Breweries and Cannabis Retailers

While we support government officials’ efforts to prioritize the public’s health and safety, they can’t treat religious gatherings worse than secular ones.

How Pittsburgh Is Denying Your Free Speech

This city’s crackdown on sidewalk conversations robs women of real choice.

Why Chike’s Supreme Court Case Matters to Me

Chike’s case, my case, and the thousands of other students across the country who are experiencing censorship should signal to every American that freedom is very much in peril.

More Teenage Girls Are Identifying as Trans, But the Media Doesn’t Want You to Know About It

This is a story told in two news items: one you probably heard about and another you may not have seen.

A Professor Silenced Me and Was Held Accountable. Chike’s College Officials Should Be, Too.

My professor and Georgia Gwinnett College officials share a troubling and misguided viewpoint: the idea that they can simply quarantine and suppress student speech if they disagree.

Federal Court Has New Chance to Clarify That March for Life Can’t Be Forced to Pay for Abortions

The March for Life Education and Defense Fund has kept busy in the courts the past several years, standing up for its right to operate according to its convictions.