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Supreme Court of the United States

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A Different Kind of March Madness at Kennesaw State University

KSU is earning a name for itself. Unfortunately, that’s not because of its Division I NCAA basketball team.

WATCH: Do You Know the Cake Artist Behind the Supreme Court Case?

It all started in 2012. Two men walked into Jack Phillips’ shop, Masterpiece Cakeshop, and requested that Jack design a custom cake celebrating their same-sex wedding.

Hard Truths about Divorce and Co-Parenting Demonstrate God’s Grand Design for Marriage

Last week, a headline from a Time piece caught my eye: “Raising My Son With My Ex-Husband Is the Hardest Thing I’ve Ever Done”.

What NIFLA Has to Say about Their Upcoming Case at the Supreme Court

NIFLA is a national nonprofit providing legal counsel, education, and training for pro-life pregnancy centers and medical clinics.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation’s Crusade to Ban Religion from the Public Square

Alliance Defending Freedom filed an amicus brief in support of the Lehigh County seal in Pennsylvania.

WATCH: Why These Pregnancy Center Directors Are Asking the Supreme Court to Protect Their Free Speech

Pregnancy centers exist to give women all the information and support they need to answer the questions that come after they find out that they’re pregnant.

Would Your Church Be Prepared If What Happened in Iowa Happens in Your State?

It is no longer a question of if churches will be threatened or sued for standing true to God’s Word – the question is when and where such cases will arise.