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The Abortion Industry Wants to Legalize Discrimination Based on Sex, Disability, and Race

In most states in the U.S., an unborn child can be aborted because of his or her sex, race, or disability. And the abortion industry is fighting to keep it that way.

Can Free Speech Be Limited to Only One Hour a Day?

With help from Alliance Defending Freedom, the Young Americans for Liberty chapter at UMass Amherst filed a lawsuit against the university today.

Freedom Reigns: Supreme Court Declines to Hear Case Challenging Mississippi Conscience Law

A Mississippi law protecting its citizens’ freedoms can remain in effect, thanks to the U.S. Supreme Court declining to hear the case Barber v. Bryant today.

The Horror! SPLC Discovers “Hate Groups” Talking about Christmas during Christmastime

The SPLC's latest revelation of hate comes in the form of – brace yourself – following hashtags about Christmas.

Four Cases to Watch at the Supreme Court in 2018

The Supreme Court justices return January 5 for the second half of their current term, packed with many big decisions to come before the term ends in late June.

Should Churches Be Denied Disaster Relief Funds Simply Because They Are Religious?

Earlier this week, FEMA officials announced policy changes that make it easier for churches to receive federal disaster relief funds.

Why ADF Engages Gender Identity Cases

Privacy for all is consistently protected when real sex differences are acknowledged and respected.