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At Long Last, Michigan College Admits It Was Wrong to Arrest People Handing out the Constitution

Students don’t need a permission slip to exercise their First Amendment rights.

What My Newborn Baby and a Supreme Court Case Have in Common

On March 20, the Supreme Court will hear our case defending pro-life pregnancy centers in California, where a law forces them to advertise for the abortion industry.

The #1 Thing Your Church Board Should Do Next and How It Can Help Protect Religious Freedom

There’s more to protecting religious freedom than you might think.

Reviewing Trump’s First Year as President

January 20th marked Donald Trump’s one-year anniversary since being sworn in as President of the United States.

5 Key Highlights to Celebrate from Last Week

Here are just a few of the highlights from the past week that we are thankful for.

Did You Miss Our Live Updates from the March for Life? Here Are the Highlights.

No one should be forced to participate in, pay for, or promote abortion against their pro-life beliefs. That’s #WhyWeMarch.

WATCH: A California Pregnancy Center Helped This Woman Choose Life for Her Baby

When Stephanie Gibson was 27 years old, her then-boyfriend drove her to an abortion clinic where he had made her an appointment.