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Christmas Comes Early: Victory for Chief Cochran Also Benefits Other City Employees

The ruling of a federal district court today protects not just Chief Cochran, but all employees in Atlanta.

University of Minnesota Expands “War on Christmas” to Include “War on Hanukkah”

Here is hard evidence of government officials urging people to suppress their celebration of Christmas, while additionally expanding this to be a “war on Hanukkah.”

Finding Meaning in the Music: A Mom’s First Christmas

In those quiet moments at night, when I’m rocking my sweet girl and the world is finally still, I’ve been thinking a lot about the familiar words to some of my favorite carols.

Your [Semi-Serious] Christmas Gift Guide for Today’s College Students

Finding the perfect Christmas gift for that college student in your life can be tough. We here at ADF want to help.

Colorado’s Creative Professionals Are All Threatened by This Law

Graphic designer Lorie Smith has followed Colorado cake artist Jack Phillips’ case with concern for several years. Last year, she decided to do more than wait and watch.

Making an Impact through Supreme Court Advocacy

A recent report reveals that, by the grace of God, ADF has not only been blessed with great success at the Court, but with great success in bringing cases before that Court.

Three Universities, Three Student Groups, and Three Unconstitutional Speech Policies

University campuses may be slowing down as students leave for the holidays, but universities across the country are keeping ADF busy.