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Is a Catholic University Punishing Students for Practicing Catholic Beliefs?

Georgetown University is in the middle of controversy after the revelation that donations meant for one student group were instead going to groups antithetical to their beliefs.

7 Questions with Lila Rose, CEO and Founder of Live Action

Lila Rose sat down with me to share how she started Live Action at the age of 15, and what she hopes to accomplish before turning 30.

Should This Pregnancy Center Be Forced to Advertise Abortion to Those Healing from Its Harms?

To help the men and women coping with a past abortion, Pregnancy Care Clinic in El Cajon, California offers a free Post-Abortion Healing Bible Study.

She Was on Her Way to Planned Parenthood, When She Saw the Sign

Nineteen-year-old Maggie only saw rejection and judgment ahead if she told her Christian friends and family that she was pregnant.

What Role Are We Asking Our Presidents to Play?

Nothing in our constitution allows our president to make law, but presidents of both parties have exercised the power to make a whole variety of laws. Why?

3 Reasons College Students and Recent Graduates Should Apply to Areté Academy

The week that I spent at Areté was one of the most enriching and beneficial of my entire college career.

WATCH: ASU Students Agree Government Shouldn’t Force People to Speak an Objectionable Message

We headed down to Arizona State University’s campus to ask some college students what they thought about being forced to promote a message they disagree with.