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WATCH: How an Atlanta Fire Chief Was Fired for His Faith

Should endorsing a certain view of marriage and sexuality be a prerequisite for fighting fires? The City of Atlanta seemed to think so.

Victory! Court Rules VT Can’t Discriminate Against Students at Religious Schools

Now families in Vermont who want their children to receive an education at a religious school can do so on the same basis as other families.

Can a Teacher Object to a Proposed School District Policy? Not in Loudoun County

Far from appreciating Tanner Cross’s input as an educator, school officials punished him for speaking up.

Does the Biden Administration Really Care About Science?

If President Biden truly wanted to act consistently with scientific data, he would make sure that males are not permitted to compete in women’s sports.

Does Standing Up for Religious Liberty Hurt Our Christian Witness?

Jack Phillips’ story could help us formulate an answer.

Connecticut Policy Denies Girls Athletic Opportunities

Four female athletes are standing up to this unfair treatment. 

I Was the Fastest Girl in Connecticut. But Transgender Athletes Made it an Unfair Fight.

It’s discouraging that the federal district court has decided that these experiences—these lost opportunities—simply don’t matter.