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Marriage & Family

10 Highlights of 2015 at Alliance Defending Freedom

A quick look at ten of the year’s highlights shows that while the battle to defend life, marriage, and religious freedom is far from over, God has indeed blessed ADF's efforts in America—and around the world.

#GivingTuesday: Who You Helped This Year by Giving to ADF

It is so often the little things that we do, behind the scenes and that no one even really sees in the moment, which can make the biggest impact for Christ.

The Price of Faith and Liberty in New York: $13,000

The Giffords have had to trust God mightily these past few years, but their willingness to be used as a "humble instrument in the hands of the Almighty" and to stand up for their faith and their religious liberty is exactly the kind of example our country needs right now.

The Pressure to Unlock Restroom Doors

School by school, district by district, educators across America are making their choices … while students’ privacy and safety hangs in the balance.

True Heroes Come Along: 5 Pastors and the People of Houston

Yesterday, after a prolonged battle, Houston voters had their say – and they overwhelmingly rejected HERO 62%-38%.

Playboy Isn’t Publishing Nude Photos Anymore: Why That’s Not Necessarily A Win

The insatiable monster Playboy created has overtaken them. In the future, it could even bankrupt them.

3 Reasons You Should Pay Close Attention to Former Fire Chief's Case

It’s a dangerous time in our country when a respected leader with 34 years of honorable service can lose his job merely for believing what Christians have always believed about marriage. The government preaches tolerance and diversity, but you can’t promote diversity while threatening and punishing those who don’t agree with you.