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Love in a World of Hate

By Lorné McCutcheon posted on:
October 17, 2017

I find it much easier to stand up for my beliefs on campus if I have someone to stand with me. That’s why we join clubs and groups on campus! It’s easier to hold demonstrations and protests if you are in a campus pro-life group and have people to join you. And, it often takes a large group to be noticed. But what if you are alone in your beliefs and everyone notices what you say?

Patricia Heaton is a well-known actress who has played roles in “Everybody Loves Raymond,” “The Middle,” and an upcoming movie, “Moms’ Night Out.” As an actress, she is in the spotlight constantly. The media and press are watching her, just hoping to catch her doing something embarrassing or take what she says in the wrong way. On top of that, Hollywood’s beliefs are generally liberal and anti-religious. Despite the pressure to conform to the popular beliefs of those around her, she has been vocally Christian and pro-life!

In this article in The Blaze, it is apparent that she approaches the sanctity of life issue with sensitivity and compassion, while standing firm in her beliefs. And this is a mindset we should have on campus as well, it is so important to show love and compassion to everyone around us. College is a fun and exciting time, yet a very difficult time. We never know what the person next to us is feeling or going through.

If we all took a stand and spread the truth with compassion, think about the campus revolution we could start! People actually want to hear what you have to say when you show them love and compassion in the same way Jesus showed love and compassion when he was here on earth.

Make it a goal to talk to one person about your pro-life beliefs this week. If you need some inspiration, check out this page of great resources from Students for Life of America, and read stories of others students who stood up for life. Look for an opening in a conversation or someone who looks like they need some light in their life. But remember: show love and compassion to that person first!

What’s the best conversation you’ve had with someone about your pro-life beliefs? Tell us about it in the comments below!

Lorné McCutcheon

Lorné McCutcheon

Contributing Writer

Lorné is passionately pro-life and enjoys her creative and always changing work.

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