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Supreme Court of the United States

I Was a Planned Parenthood Director. Now I Celebrate Victories for Life!

October 17, 2017

By: Sue Thayer

The past two weeks have been a cause for joy at Cornerstone For Life Pregnancy Resource Center (CFL)!

We did ultrasounds for 24 moms with 25 babies, thanks to one set of twins! On top of that, four Planned Parenthood clinics in Iowa closed down at the end of June – one of which I often worked at when I was a Planned Parenthood director.

These past two weeks made me reflect on my time at Planned Parenthood and how different my life looks now.

I started working at Planned Parenthood out of a desire to serve women. Since I worked at a facility that didn’t offer abortion services, being personally against them, I felt I could make a difference. But during my time there, I saw how Planned Parenthood does anything to cut costs and raise revenue, even at the expense of the women who came into the clinic. They operated in secrecy and deception. My wakeup call came when I was asked to help facilitate chemically-induced abortions. That was the final straw for me, and I left. With Alliance Defending Freedom’s help, I filed a lawsuit against Planned Parenthood for fraud, which is ongoing.

Now that I direct CFL, I see so many glaring differences!

A pro-life center is to Planned Parenthood as light is to darkness, good is to evil and life is to death. In our ultrasound room, we heard a baby’s strong heartbeat. In an abortion facility, there’s the grisly sound of the suction machine. Its very purpose is to end the life of the baby. If death has a sound, this is it.

In a pregnancy care center, women and families are laughing and happy, looking forward to the future. In an abortion facility, there is no laughter, no joy, no hope. The recovery room is a gruesome reminder of what each and every woman just went through. Instead of laughter, there is weeping.

As people leave CFL, we hug and give pictures of the coming baby. Parents are thrilled beyond words. There are often tears. Tears of joy. After an abortion, women don’t look up, they don’t make eye contact. They must pay in advance so when it’s over, they can quietly slip out. There are tears there too, but not because anyone is happy.

Volunteers at a pregnancy center are there simply because they love God and have a deep desire to serve Him. They want to help women and honor life. At Planned Parenthood, money is their god, and that is what drives the business.

The last time I saw an ultrasound of twins, it was during my time at PP. And there were many twins. Of course, those babies ended up in pieces, torn apart by the vacurette and sucked into a gallon jar. From there, the bodies were rinsed in a colander, then dumped in a dish, to make sure all the parts were there. Ultimately, those babies ended up in either the sewer system or in a biohazard bag in the freezer.

Two very different outcomes for millions of babies. Mom going to a pregnancy center equals life. A visit to Planned Parenthood often ends in death.

I’m so glad to now be on the side of life.


To learn more about my case, visit the link below. 

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