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The Horror! SPLC Discovers “Hate Groups” Talking about Christmas during Christmastime

January 5, 2018

You can’t fool all the people all the time, goes the old saying. And the self-evident proposition is mostly true for the same reason Rorschach inkblot tests work: Thoughts bouncing around the brain eventually come out.

In that vein, the increasingly discredited Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) finds new ways to describe the horrors it sees lurking in the inkblots – oblivious that its rants reveal more about the organization than its intended targets.

Its latest revelation of hate comes in the form of – brace yourself – following hashtags about Christmas. “Hate groups,” you see, were increasingly talking these last few weeks through insidious code words like: #MerryChristmas and #ChristmasEve.

For those who have been on an extended nap, SPLC is a hard left organization on a mission to take down conservatives and traditional Christian morality by associating biblical views on sexuality with violent white supremacist groups. (Dr. Ben Carson made their infamous “Hate Map” for a spell, but SPLC – in a rare moment of either genuine remorse or strategically cutting its losses – removed his name after an outcry.)

Multiple commentaries have exposed SPLC’s ludicrous claim to objectivity as a resource for identifying “hate groups,” as well as its substantial money-raking machinery (for relatively little legal product) and multiple millions stored in offshore accounts.

The latest excitement comes from SPLC’s “Hate Tracker,” which purports to follow popular hashtags among the “haters.” The inane title is simply another way to keep the word “hate” rolling through the echo chamber with anyone it intends to target. Any subject discussed by haters (by SPLC’s definition, of course) is now suspect because “haters gonna hate.” A hashtag like “Hi Mom” on Mother’s Day? Evil, of course, because it comes from “haters.”

When Christmas-themed hashtags began to appear in the top twelve tracked messages, SPLC diligently reported which way the hate winds were blowing. After multiple organizations called out SPLC over the sheer silliness of their dark Christmas innuendoes, SPLC felt the need to clarify its position. They were not (as some accused) “anti-Christmas.” No, no, no – this is just what the dark forces are bantering about.

Even crediting this weak effort at self-justification, the whole episode reveals much about the incredibly tone-deaf and weird world of SPLC. Remarkably, no one at SPLC had the ability (or desire) to see how their “hate tracker” was casting innuendos on Christmas or to reach the obvious conclusion that hashtags like #ChristmasEve might refer to, well, plans for Christmas Eve.

Its explanation, if possible, makes SPLC’s ranting seem even more absurd. The ridicule in response to their Christmas tracking is well deserved. SPLC has gazed into the inkblot and shown us a bit more about how they see the world.


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