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Freedom Matters Podcast: Remain a Nurse and Commit Abortions - Or Else

October 17, 2017

By: Bob Trent

“Sandra quickly put the department on notice that she is a pediatric nurse and that she has a conscientious objection and religious belief that would prohibit her from participating in any way in the provision of abortion related services…as the result, the head of the department told Sandra she had a decision to make, to keep working (as a nurse) and provide abortion services or take a temporary job as a part-time county food inspector."
- Noel W. Sterett, Attorney with Mauck & Baker, LLC

This week on Freedom Matters attorney Noel Sterett joins the show. He represents Sandra Mendoza, a pediatric nurse with the Winnebago County Health Department in Illinois. She is suing the Department after being forced from her job of 18 years after the health administrator combined the pediatric clinic and women’s health services. The merger meant all nurses would have to participate in abortion and abortion related activities. Sandra was denied accommodation for her belief that life is sacred and was forced from her job.

We also introduce the case of a small school district in Ohio that is challenging the Obama Administration's unlawful rewriting of Title IX to include "gender identity" within the meaning of "sex," which would require schools to open their locker rooms, shower areas, and bathrooms to students of the opposite sex based upon how a student identifies. Alliance Defending Freedom filed suit on June 10th on behalf of the Board of Education of the Highland Local School District against the Departments of Education and Justice after being threatened with the loss of federal funding for refusing to violate the privacy of students. ADF legal counsel Ken Connelly is working on the lawsuit and gives insight into the case.

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