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Freedom Matters Podcast: Forgotten Victims in The Bathroom Privacy Battle

October 17, 2017

For those millions of women and girls who have been victims of sexual assault and abuse, being confronted by a man in the restroom or locker room is a real trauma trigger. Recent moves by the Obama Administration seem designed to make them silent victims once more.

This week on Freedom Matters, Kaeley Triller, a sex abuse survivor, joins Bob, Kerri, and Matt to share her story and talk about the unintended victims of new bathroom and locker room policies. Kaeley was fired by the YMCA for standing up against a new policy that opened its bathrooms and locker rooms to member of the opposite sex. On why she decided to speak out about her abuse and this important issue, she said:


“When I was growing up my abuser liked to watch me in the shower. He would stand there and watch and laugh. For me growing up I was very, very protective of my physical space. Even as a college athlete I would shower in my underwear. I know how much work it was emotionally for me to even use a locker room in the first place. To realize I could suddenly turn around and be confronted by the sight of a naked male, I felt like that was really offensive. I ultimately lost my job over this  . . . I hear every single day from at least one more rape survivor that says, ‘me too.’




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Do you believe in protecting the privacy and safety of women and children?



As a society, how can we tell women and girls who have been sexually assaulted that their privacy and safety in these intimate spaces doesn't matter? That for the sake of a political agenda, we are willing to sacrifice their emotional and physical security? 
Enough is enough. Sign the statement today supporting those who are working to keep women and children safe.

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