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This Former ADF Client Is Headed to Africa to Become a Medical Missionary

By Sarah Kramer posted on:
May 24, 2018

We love to hear from our past clients. It’s always amazing to see how God is working in their lives, even after their case is over. Many times, they tell us that God used their case to prepare them for what was ahead.

That is certainly true for Katie Ayers.

Katie and her family reached out to Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) when she was only 10 years old. She was handing out invitations to her church’s Christmas party in her homeroom class at school when her teacher asked if she had gotten permission from the principal to do so. Embarrassed, Katie gave one of the fliers to her teacher to give to the principal. She had seen other students handing out invitations to birthday parties and other events, and no one had said anything about getting permission.

When her parents emailed the school, the principal informed them that the flier had been sent to the superintendent for approval. Two weeks passed with no word. Then, the day before the party, school officials informed the Ayers family that the flier was not appropriate to pass out at school.

This was devastating to a 10-year-old girl who simply wanted to share God’s love with her classmates.

The Ayers family reached out to ADF, and we filed a lawsuit on Katie’s behalf. A district court ruled in Katie’s favor, stating that the school district had violated her constitutional rights. And a U.S. Court of Appeals upheld the ruling. Katie’s victory impacted over 500 school districts across the state, protecting the rights of nearly 2 million students to share their faith at school.

Katie credits this experience with strengthening her faith and preparing her for where God has called her next.

“You guys allowed me to step out and be bold in my faith, which shaped me into who I am today,” Katie wrote us in a recent email. “Through ADF, I learned to be obedient and listen to God’s voice and His calling. I learned to fully trust Him in my situations and what He was leading me to do.”

The same 10 year old who was so excited to share her faith with her classmates now feels the calling to share her faith with people in Africa. And she is working toward becoming a full-time medical missionary.

“My heart is overwhelmingly burdened for Africa, and their immense needs,” she wrote. “I feel called to reach the unreachable and be a light in the dark places. There are so many people groups in Africa that have never even heard the name of Jesus. It breaks my heart, and I feel as if God is equipping me to stand in the gap for them.”

Katie has always had a heart for being a light in the dark, whether that’s in her homeroom class at 10 years old or in Africa as a medical missionary. Through it all, God has been with her, directing her steps, and preparing her for what’s ahead. ADF was blessed to walk alongside her for part of that journey.

Katie will be participating in a 3-month program in Zambia that will provide her with hands-on experience and training to prepare her to become a full-time medical missionary. At ADF we take our commitment to support the greater alliance seriously, and we want to take this opportunity to do that for Katie. If you would like to support Katie by helping offset some of the training costs, you can do so at this link. Include her name “Katie Ayers” in the memo line.

Sarah Kramer

Sarah Kramer

Digital Content Specialist

Sarah worked as an investigative reporter before joining the Alliance Defending Freedom team.

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