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Supreme Court of the United States

Forcing "Tolerance": An Introduction

October 17, 2017

Well, the gloves have come off and it is apparent that tolerance is no longer . . . well, very tolerant. For decades, university officials have been trumpeting "tolerance," "inclusion," and "diversity" at America’s elite institutions of higher learning. While these concepts are not intrinsically problematic, it has become increasingly clear that their meaning on campus is being defined by the inflexible demands of the homosexual agenda. The advocates of this agenda have shown that they do not want to co-exist peacefully with societal norms, but rather to strong-arm society into embracing their sexual choices as morally right. And university officials have been more than willing to partner with homosexual advocates in achieving this goal by using a variety of coercive methods.

Stay tuned for a periodic series of posts that will take a closer look at these methods and their impact on the university community. They will demonstrate that the academy has made one thing crystal clear: its brave new world of "tolerance," "inclusion," and "diversity" simply has no room for dissent.