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Know Someone Going to Law School? 3 Reasons They Should Attend ADF Law School Prep Academy

I knew law school would be different than undergrad in many ways but had no idea what that meant practically. That is why the ADF Law School Prep Academy was such a blessing.

A Few Encouraging Updates from the White House on COVID-19

This morning, I was one of 35 conservative leaders that Vice President Mike Pence briefed on COVID-19. I was very encouraged by what I heard, and I think you will be too.

The Coronavirus Crisis Should Unite Us… But the SPLC Can’t See Past Our Differences

It is crises like the coronavirus that allow us to see past these differences and come together. But some—like the SPLC—cannot see past their own political agenda.

How Does the Coronavirus Impact the Supreme Court?

It seems that no one is immune from the impact of the coronavirus—not even the prestigious highest court in the land.

5 Things to Pray for in the Midst of the Coronavirus Outbreak

While the details about the outbreak here in America continue to evolve, please know that we are keeping this nation, our communities, and each of you in our prayers.

How 2 Ninth Circuit Cases Can Protect Life and Religious Freedom

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit recently issued a ruling that keeps taxpayer money from funding abortions. It has the opportunity to do so in another case as well. Let's take a look.

Fifth Third Bank Abandoned the Trend of Politicized Banking… Why Wells Fargo Should Follow Suit

If we allow powerful corporations such as Wells Fargo to police which ideas are welcome in society and which are not, that threatens freedom for us all.