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Church Boards Should Consider Church Alliance Membership

December 7, 2017

Church boards around the country are facing a difficult culture in which to lead their churches. In the past, many thought of America as a Christian nation.

But much is now changing. Now, it seems being a Christian carries a negative connotation.

This shift – along with so many other changes in the legal and cultural arenas – means that some Christians are being pushed to the fringes of society. Read the critical comments on any number of articles concerning the tax-exempt status of churches. Listen to those who mock our clients who desire to operate their businesses according to their faith.

These are the waters into which we now wade. Once warm, clear, and inviting. Now cold, cloudy, and choppy.

This is the America that elders, deacons, and governing boards must now consider. It’s ripe with both opportunity and pitfalls. We at Alliance Defending Freedom know these waters well.

We don’t find it strange to be encountering these changing times. But we do think it is wise to prepare the Church in the best ways we know how, as these times are impacting our freedoms.

We have launched the Church Alliance as a new way for churches to be stewards of the religious freedom that we currently enjoy. This initiative offers an affordable way for churches to take proactive and ongoing legal measures to protect their freedoms.   

As Church Alliance members, churches can receive a religious liberty audit of the documents that relate to religious freedom. Church boards can update policies and statements that help protect the religious freedom of the church via the work of experienced attorneys.

Church boards and pastors can receive religious liberty legal advice when such an issue arises in the church. And member churches can even be represented in court for religious liberty lawsuits that are brought against them.

The cold, uninviting cultural waters may not warm anytime soon. Indeed, they may become icy and tumultuous.

What pastors and church boards can do in the meantime is become better prepared and protected. The opportunity for churches to receive legal help at this level from the ADF team is unprecedented.

Is your local church aware of this opportunity?

Share this article with your church board and pastors so that they can prepare for the changes in our laws and culture. 

Learn more about the new Alliance Defending Freedom project that engages, empowers, and protects churches – the Church Alliance.

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ADF Church & Ministry Alliance

ADF Church & Ministry Alliance

The ADF Church Alliance and the ADF Ministry Alliance exist to help prepare and protect churches and religious ministries.

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