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Canadian Pro-Life Club Gets Funding Pulled Indefinitely

October 17, 2017

Choose Life, a student organization at McGill University, hosted a pro-life event last night, but the event came at a price.  The Students Society of McGill University (SSMU), the student government, voted to make Choose Life "ineligible for funding from the SSMU for the remainder of its existence."   The SSMU also demanded that administrators shut down the event, but to his credit the deputy provost said he would not cancel the event.  All this comes in the wake of the University of Calgary pursuing criminal trespassing chargesagainst a pro-life student organization after it held a pro-life rally on campus.  Thankfully, in the United States, SSMU's actions would be unconstitutional viewpoint discrimination under Southworth and Rosenberger.  But that does not mean it hasn't happened.

Alliance Defending Freedom

Alliance Defending Freedom

Non-profit organization

Alliance Defending Freedom advocates for your right to freely live out your faith

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