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In Appreciation: Anne Kennedy (1925-2017)

By Alan Sears posted on:
October 17, 2017

They met on a dance floor, when she signed on to take his class at Arthur Murray. They kept perfect step together for the next 50-plus years. D. James Kennedy stepped off the floor in 2007, and on Tuesday his widow, Anne, at last rejoined him, at the age of 91.

We at Alliance Defending Freedom treasure not only the memory of the love light shining in their eyes for each other, but the shared legacy they invested so richly in the work of our ministry. Dr. Kennedy spent decades building the remarkable worldwide outreach of Coral Ridge Ministries, working to “reclaim America for Christ.” He then generously lent that ministry’s outstanding reputation to a fledgling organization that shared his unswerving commitment to defending religious freedom, the sanctity of life, and marriage and family.

We will always be grateful for that priceless gift, for the Kennedys’ consistent encouragement of our efforts, and for their personal example of courage, commitment, and devotion to the cause of Jesus Christ.

No man could speak as eloquently as Dr. Kennedy did about God’s ideal for marriage unless he understood it from beautiful personal experience. Today, that great and good man – who never danced around the most volatile issues of his time – is back in step at last with the lovely woman who so faithfully shared and strengthened his service for his Lord.

May God bless their sweet reunion and the eternal impact of the ministry they built together.

Our condolences to their daughter, Jennifer, and to all their faithful friends at D. James Kennedy Ministries. Rest in peace, Mrs. Kennedy.

Photo of Anne Kennedy from the Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church website.

Alan Sears

Alan Sears


Alan Sears served as founder of Alliance Defending Freedom, building on his experience as longtime leader of the organization to strengthen alliances, forge new relationships, and develop ADF resources.

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