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Freedom Must Be Defended

No one should have to choose between their faith and their job—or their faith and their business. And no one should be driven out of the profession they love because of their deeply held religious beliefs. But it’s happening to Christians like Barronelle all across America. Freedom cannot survive in an environment of coercion.

The Washington Supreme Court ruled against Barronelle for a second time, but the battle is not over. She has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to protect her freedom to live and work consistently with her faith. What happens in her case could affect all of us.

This is a critical moment for Barronelle. And she urgently needs your support.

Thanks be to God, a generous family has given a $1 million challenge grant to help provide a strong legal defense for Barronelle and others like her. Please join with this generous family in standing with Barronelle—and for your own religious freedom—by making a tax-deductible gift today.

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Barronelle has always served everyone who comes through her doors, but the state is telling her that it’s not enough. The government has demanded that in addition to serving everyone, she must also use her artistic talents to celebrate events that conflict with her faith. This is a violation of her First Amendment freedom.

Too often in today’s world, freedom is being stripped away from those who dare to honor Christ in their daily lives. This must stop.

With God’s favor and through your prayers and support, we have an opportunity to defend people of faith like Barronelle. Together, we can protect religious freedom in America and ensure that anyone who takes a stand for faith and freedom never has to stand alone.

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