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Jeopardizing women’s safety. Help hold abortion facilities accountable!

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The shocking practices pervading the Louisiana abortion industry are harming women. These practices include botched abortions by incompetent doctors, failure to sterilize equipment, allowing unqualified staff to assist with abortions, and countless other inexcusable deficiencies.

The case, June Medical Services v. Russo, is at the U.S. Supreme Court this term. And it will determine whether Louisiana can enact commonsense protections for women to prevent these issues.

One patient at June Medical Services, Brenda J., began to bleed heavily after a botched abortion. But the abortionist left Brenda sitting on the operating table for hours while she lost much blood. Someone finally took Brenda to an emergency room in a car (not an ambulance).

The result: Brenda needed a hysterectomy and tragically lost her ability to have children.

Unfortunately, several Louisiana women have tragic stories similar to Brenda’s.

That’s why Louisiana requires abortion doctors to have hospital admitting privileges, the same standard as doctors at all ambulatory surgical centers in Louisiana. The law helps ensure that abortion doctors are competent and able to provide continuous care at a nearby hospital if a complication occurs during an abortion. This law would have protected women like Brenda.

Abortion facilities say they’re seeking to protect women’s rights. But at the same time, they’re demanding fewer safeguards to ensure quality of care for women.

Abortion facilities are denying women basic healthcare protections.

It’s time to end the hypocrisy. Will you stand with us as we seek to hold these irresponsible abortionists accountable at the Supreme Court?

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