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Help Defend Lorie at the U.S. Supreme Court

Help Defend Lorie at the U.S. Supreme Court

Your gift right now will help defend free speech in a pivotal case before our nation’s highest court.

No one should be forced to say something they don’t believe—but not according to the State of Colorado.

Graphic artist Lorie Smith creates unique and beautiful products for her clients, pouring herself into every word she writes, every graphic she designs, and every website she crafts.

But a Colorado law threatens Lorie and her ability to create freely—and chooses which Americans have freedom and which ones don’t.

Lorie serves everyone. She just can’t express all messages. But because of the law, Lorie could be punished simply for offering to create websites only celebrating weddings consistent with her religious beliefs.

The violation of her First Amendment rights couldn’t be clearer. So Lorie joined with Alliance Defending Freedom to challenge the law in court.

After a federal appeals court issued an alarming decision against Lorie, ruling that the state can force her to create custom websites that celebrate messages that violate her beliefs, the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to hear her case!

Will you give today and help defend Lorie and others like her? You don’t lose your freedom of speech when you choose to make a living. A government that can coerce and silence Lorie because it doesn’t like her beliefs could do the same to you.

Cases like this that go all the way to our nation’s highest court can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. And Alliance Defending Freedom doesn’t charge our clients a dime to defend them in court. We depend upon the generosity of people like you.

Thanks to a special $500,000 matching grant from a generous ministry partner, if you give to ADF for the first time today, your gift will be DOUBLED, dollar for dollar, and make 2x the impact!

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