The Playground CasePursuing Victory at the United States Supreme Court

Like many Supreme Court cases, the impact of the Trinity Lutheran case could extend far beyond the playground gate. The fundamental question of this case is whether a state can exclude religious people or organizations from secular public benefit programs—effectively treating Christians as second-class citizens.

The government should not be allowed to discriminate against people of faith just because they are religious. Your faithful stewardship allows us to fight on behalf of Christians—like our clients from Trinity Lutheran Church—who stand up for our right to be treated equally.

Alliance Defending Freedom exists to keep the door open for the Gospel by advocating for your right to freely live out your faith. We take this responsibility seriously, and we are excited to see God creating opportunities—like this Supreme Court case—to pursue victory. Your financial support allows us to work toward winning these nation-shaping cases at the high court, and ensure that religious freedom is protected.

It’s time to defend religious freedom

With your continued support, we will be ready to protect religious freedom when it is threatened. Because what we do today will shape the nation we are tomorrow and the freedoms that our children and grandchildren will enjoy.

Thank you for standing with your brothers and sisters in Christ and defending religious freedom.

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