CampaignHow you can help win critical cases through the Grants and Funding program

Have you ever faced a need that felt overwhelming?

That’s the kind of challenge Alliance Defending Freedom is facing right now with our Grants and Funding program.

This program is the primary way that we financially support critical cases our Allied Attorneys are fighting. Without it, some of these cases would never even get near a courtroom.

But with the growing need to defend religious freedom more and more, in every corner of the nation, the Grants and Funding program is severely underfunded.

For years, Eleanor McCullen faithfully stood outside a Boston Planned Parenthood facility to counsel and pray with women who
were considering abortion. Then the state tried to censor her.

Winning in court can require a big investment

Many of our most significant legal victories might never have been won without help from our Grants and Funding program. And that includes our victory at the U.S. Supreme Court for Eleanor McCullen a few years ago. You may remember her — she’s the Massachusetts grandmother who could have faced arrest and even jail time for counseling girls and young women on public sidewalks just outside Planned Parenthood.

Winning for Eleanor has literally saved lives. But her story is only one example of how the Grants and Funding program is shifting the outcome of important legal battles — and why your gift today is essential to the fight to defend your religious freedom.

Your support makes the difference in critical battles

Since ADF began funding cases in 1994, because of God’s provision and the generosity of people like you who are committed to defending religious freedom, we’ve awarded more than 3,300 grants — totaling more than $50 million. Thanks to these grants from the ADF Grants and Funding Program, Allied Attorneys have been able to defend religious freedom in case after case, including:

  • In California, when Planned Parenthood attempted to have the government censor and stop investigative video taken by a citizen journalist that showed abortionists involved in selling parts of aborted babies for research.
  • In Pennsylvania, when the Boyertown Area School District secretly opened its high school locker rooms and restrooms to students of the opposite sex based on what gender they professed.
  • In Arizona, when the National Park Service denied a research permit to a geologist in Grand Canyon National Park simply because of his Christian views on the earth’s origin.
  • In Georgia, North Carolina, California, and Mississippi when local government authorities attempted to prevent Christians from sharing their faith in public.

With God’s help, our Allied Attorneys defeated each of these attacks on religious freedom. But without funding from the Grants and Funding program, they would have had their hands tied, and the results could have been very different.

In fact, the whole reason for the Grants and Funding program is that we must be prepared to respond whenever religious liberty, the sanctity of life, and marriage and family are attacked.

When any member of the body of Christ suffers, we all suffer. That’s why we must stand united against attacks on religious freedom.

We must stand together now

These are critical days for religious freedom. Those who oppose us have never been more committed to taking religious freedom away.

If we want to keep our religious freedom, we’re going to have to be equally committed to defending it.

By standing with Alliance Defending Freedom, you are making that commitment. We’ve won 75% of our legal cases in the Grants and Funding program, thanks be to God.

For every dollar you provided through grants in recent years, the Allied Attorneys who received these grants invested an average of five dollars of their own time and money.

This potential five-to-one return on investment could make your gift today incredibly powerful!

Your help is needed today

The need is enormous. And at the moment, we are flooded with requests for legal help. 

Please help today. If we do nothing, our God-given freedoms will continue to be undermined by the opposition.