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Help Stop the Growing Intolerance Against Christians on Campus


The threat to religious freedom on campus was already all too real. It’s been building for years.

But since the June Supreme Court ruling that redefined marriage nationwide, a new wave of intolerance toward Christians has begun.

The situation is serious, but there is hope:

A generous Christian family has just offered an amazing $950,000 matching grant to help protect against the growing legal attacks.

Growing threat to religious freedom on campus

Public colleges and universities – funded by your tax dollars – have been trying to purge Christian influence and limit religious freedom on their campuses for years. You may remember:

  • Graduate student Julea Ward, who was expelled from her university’s counseling program because her Christian convictions would not allow her to affirm same-sex relationships.

  • College student Emily Brooker, whose professor ordered her to publicly advocate for homosexual adoption by signing a letter to the legislature. When she objected, she was brought before an ethics committee and threatened with having her diploma withheld.  

  • Dr. Mike Adams, who endured a campaign of academic persecution at the hands of his faculty colleagues and was denied a promotion because of his conservative and Christian views.

  • College student Jonathan Lopez, who was called a “fascist” by his professor and was told to “ask God what [his] grade [was]” because he quoted two Bible verses and shared the biblical view of marriage during a class speaking assignment.


Sadly, this was just a foretaste of what Christian leaders predict is coming. They see that more Christian students will be harassed and punished. More professors will be denied tenure or even fired for their beliefs. More Christian ministries and student groups will be silenced or even forced off campus if they remain faithful to biblical teaching.

And if you think your child or grandchild will escape growing hostility by attending a private Christian college or university, you need to think again. Because if we don’t take action now to protect religious freedom on public and Christian campuses, it could be lost.

Even Christian colleges are no longer safe

Ever since the Supreme Court’s unjust decision redefining marriage nationwide, leaders in Christian education have been sounding the alarm. They expect to be challenged on their housing, admissions, and hiring policies. And they have good reason to be concerned.

Just days after the marriage ruling, the executive director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State was quoted as saying that a Christian college that refused married-student housing to a married same-sex couple would be “on the edge of indefensible.”

Many Christian colleges also expect challenges to their accreditation, tax-exempt status, and even their freedom to teach what the Bible says about marriage and sexuality.


But your gift today will be DOUBLED dollar for dollar to fight — and with God’s grace, WIN — the battle to defend religious freedom on campus.

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A four-fold strategy to defeat the attacks

Alliance Defending Freedom is confronting the anti-Christian bias on campus head on. And with God’s help and yours, our four-fold legal strategy can defeat the attacks.

  1. We’re defending Christian students, professors, administrators, and ministries who have had their religious freedom violated. By God’s grace, our work has led to the removal of unconstitutional policies on more than 200 public university campuses so far!

  2. We’ve gone on the offensive against colleges and universities with the most clearly unconstitutional policies. We’re working with allies across the country to challenge these policies and get them overturned.

  3. We’re advising Christian colleges and universities to take steps to protect themselves against lawsuits filed by activists who want to use the courts to force them to surrender their biblical convictions.

  4. We’ve assembled a top-notch team of staff and Allied Attorneys to respond immediately to new attacks against Christian colleges and universities.

We know we’re in for a long, drawn-out, and very expensive battle. But when you stand with us, your gift will be doubled. We can fight — and when we fight, we are winning case after case, thanks be to God.

Please don’t let the matching grant go to waste. This is the legal fight for you, your children, your nation, and the future of religious freedom. We can win, but we must have your help!