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  • Univ. of Minnesota sued for banishing conservative event to inadequate venue
    7/3/2018 6:25:47 PM
  • Pennsylvania students appeal decision that allows violation of their bodily privacy
    7/2/2018 4:32:56 PM
  • Pro-liberty student group lawsuit prompts UC-Berkeley to change policy
    7/2/2018 3:14:58 PM
  • US Supreme Court declines to resolve confusion on freedom to pray before public meetings
    6/28/2018 2:00:36 PM
  • Justice Anthony Kennedy to retire from US Supreme Court
    6/27/2018 6:26:23 PM
  • US Supreme Court: Govt can’t force Americans to express messages they disagree with
    6/26/2018 3:46:54 PM
  • US Supreme Court: Govt can’t force people to express messages they disagree with
    6/26/2018 2:27:18 PM
  • UMass-Amherst nixes unconstitutional speech zone policy
    6/25/2018 10:01:29 PM
  • Not so fast: ADF appeals case against Ga. college, argues students’ free speech suit isn’t moot
    6/25/2018 9:48:17 PM
  • US Supreme Court sends floral artist case back to Washington court in light of Masterpiece decision
    6/25/2018 1:41:50 PM
  • Vague Florida State University speech policies violate First Amendment
    6/20/2018 8:44:23 PM
  • SPLC apologizes, pays $3.3 million for labelling Muslim group ‘anti-Muslim extremists’
    6/18/2018 7:17:24 PM
  • Canadian top court denies religious freedom to Christian law school
    6/15/2018 4:31:08 PM
  • New DOJ initiative to focus on protecting churches against illegal land use, zoning discrimination
    6/13/2018 6:43:10 PM
  • Ball State denies dollars to pro-life student group, finances opposing views
    6/13/2018 5:08:57 PM
  • Iowa, Michigan Christian colleges win freedom from HHS mandate
    6/13/2018 4:22:26 PM
  • Artists intend to appeal Arizona Court ruling rejecting artistic freedom
    6/7/2018 6:00:04 PM
  • NC town to church: You’re not welcome here
    6/6/2018 9:42:30 PM
  • Louisiana governor signs vital law protecting free speech on public college campuses
    6/6/2018 3:47:55 PM
  • ADF, floral artist respond to Washington AG regarding impact of Masterpiece Cakeshop ruling
    6/5/2018 8:46:25 PM
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