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  • US Supreme Court agrees to take up case on Montana school-choice tax credit
    6/28/2019 4:30:54 PM
  • President Trump honors one-year anniversary of NIFLA v. Becerra decision
    6/26/2019 4:43:45 PM
  • Maryland officials deny low-income kids school vouchers if they choose Christian school
    6/25/2019 4:00:26 PM
  • 9th Circuit upholds rule on life-affirming health funding reforms
    6/20/2019 9:48:40 PM
  • US Supreme Court allows WWI memorial cross to stand
    6/20/2019 2:56:19 PM
  • ‘Hate speech’ laws threatening freedom of speech
    6/19/2019 7:05:47 PM
  • Female athletes challenge Connecticut policy that abolishes girls-only sports
    6/18/2019 5:27:40 PM
  • Psychotherapist asks court to halt NYC’s censorship of private conversations with adult patients
    6/18/2019 1:54:20 PM
  • Alabama governor signs vital law protecting free speech on public college campuses
    6/6/2019 7:03:20 PM
  • Floral artist heads back to US Supreme Court to protect her freedom
    6/6/2019 4:56:59 PM
  • ADF commends HHS decision to end NIH research using human fetal tissue from elective abortion
    6/6/2019 12:23:54 AM
  • Lawsuit prompts SC college to recognize non-partisan student politics club, make policy changes
    6/5/2019 3:52:33 PM
  • March for Life to 9th Circuit: Uphold HHS rules that allow us to follow our pro-life mission
    6/5/2019 3:38:50 PM
  • After lawsuit, city finally says it won’t use law to stop Ohio Catholic school from following its beliefs
    5/28/2019 7:37:12 PM
  • US Supreme Court upholds Indiana law ensuring proper burials for deceased unborn infants
    5/28/2019 4:41:50 PM
  • US Supreme Court won’t weigh in on whether schools can allow violation of students’ bodily privacy
    5/28/2019 1:59:25 PM
  • ADF: HHS upholds federal law by affirming longstanding definition of ‘sex’
    5/24/2019 6:18:55 PM
  • ADF to HHS: Protect Connecticut pro-life ministry from city’s discrimination
    5/21/2019 9:47:38 PM
  • House passes intolerant, deceptively named ‘Equality Act’
    5/17/2019 4:39:02 PM
  • Adoption provider threatened by NY officials for its religious beliefs will likely appeal court ruling
    5/16/2019 3:48:13 PM
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