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In The News: Volume II, Issue 1
by Greg Scott, ADF National Media Relations Director

Last fall, with the national election on the minds of most Americans, a good prediction would have been that ADF issues would take a back seat to the political horse race and coverage of the latest “gotcha gaffe” or “game-changer.” But the pollsters who predicted that “values” didn’t matter in this election were wrong – and in fact ADF cases continued to figure prominently in the national media.

ADF attorneys appeared twice in a one-week span on The O'Reilly Factor to discuss two values issues: marriage and life.

The ADF Pulpit Initiative received heavy coverage. Most significantly, the editors of two of the largest newspapers in the country – The New York Times and The Dallas Morning News – thought the issue important enough to dedicate editorials to it.

ADF was profiled on the Inspiration Network series "Speechless: Silencing the Christians" and identified as the "go-to" organization for Americans whose religious freedom is being compromised.

The ADF voice was not limited to quotes in the paper or soundbites on TV interviews. ADF was able to place opinion pieces in such publications and news sources as US News & World Report, USA Today, Christianity Today, Fox Forum, The Orange County Register, Town Hall, Life News, Crosswalk, The Washington Post/Newsweek website,
The Washington Times and a five-day point/counterpoint debate in The Los Angeles

Other highlights included: ADF cases covered in more than a dozen Associated Press wire stories, coverage on The 700 Club, CBN NewsWatch, The Coral Ridge Hour, NPR
and PBS.

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