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Being Candid About Cameras
I‘ve always been enthralled by history. I like to know, and cherish, the impact others have made. 

Give me a free day and a museum, a battlefield, the preserved home of one of my heroes—and I’m about as happy as a man can be.  Give me a great book about our faith, or Washington, or Eisenhower, and airport crowds and the confined space of the airplane cabin fade for awhile.  

But, of course, those kinds of days and diversions don’t come for me any more often than they come for you. In between are lots of days when I stand at the podium or sit at a microphone, talking to rooms full of people who are looking at, and listening to, me. It comes with my calling, and it’s an opportunity for me to do what this ministry is all about—enabling millions of Christians across this country to freely share their deepest beliefs in the public square.

Still, standing and speaking for Christ, and religious freedom, is different from talking about ... me. Which is why, when the people on our communications team—the media, marketing and creative specialists—come to me about filming a “CEO video,” I start to squirm.

Yes, it’s good to have something to show at banquets and events that will help people understand “Who is this guy?” charged with leading Alliance Defending Freedom, and “What makes him tick?” But there’s a reason this ministry has never been built around any one persona, and why we’ve never worked to make anyone on our team a household name. ADF is about serving Jesus Christ and His people ... not building one person’s legacy or reputation.  

It helps to know I’m not the only one who enjoys biographies. Most of us find encouragement in seeing how others have faced their personal challenges and built on the unique opportunities God has given them. By His grace, He has blessed me with more than my share, and my experiences give me a distinct perspective on this ministry, and on what we are facing in the days ahead.

So, it’s time, they recently told me, for a new video. To make the medicine go down, our creative team came up with a spoonful of sugar.  On my next working trip back east, they would steal a day to film me at some of my favorite places (the Supreme Court, Abe Lincoln’s summer home) and visiting with the courageous pastors and laity of the Bronx Household of Faith.

I hope the results will remind you of the extraordinary heritage of religious freedom we have in this country, and of all that our Lord is enabling ADF to do to preserve that heritage. 

John 15:5–Apart from Christ, we can do nothing.

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