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By Sarah Kramer Posted on: | April 09, 2019

Twitter has become the latest to cut ties with the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

And who could blame it? The SPLC’s co-founder, executive director, and legal director have all departed in recent weeks following allegations of deep-seated racial discrimination and sexual harassment – two central issues the center claims to combat.

Twitter hasn’t been the only one to notice, either.

Last week, a Facebook spokesperson distanced the social media platform from the SPLC, explaining that it does not solely rely on any one organization to help it monitor hateful speech.

And while this is all great news – it’s long overdue.

The SPLC did good work many years ago, combatting truly despicable groups such as the Ku Klux Klan. But it has since lost its way, devolving into an unreliable, far-left propaganda machine bent on destroying anyone who disagrees with it. The SPLC has been discredited by investigative journalists, commentators, and philanthropy networking organizations as a direct mail scam that has seen its leaders amass enormous fortunes.

Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) has seen the effects of the SPLC’s irresponsible and inflammatory rhetoric first hand, after the center labeled us a “hate group.” This despite the fact that ADF is a respected Supreme Court advocate that works to preserve fundamental freedoms of speech, religion, and conscience for all people.

Yet, because ADF believes that marriage is the union of one man and one woman – as do millions of people of faith across the world – the SPLC has decided that our voice deserves to be silenced. And not just silenced but completely destroyed.

As a result, mainstream news media and elected officials have parroted the “hate group” claim, Amazon has used it to justify removing ADF from its AmazonSmile program, and advertising campaigns have also repeated it in their attacks on ADF. And, even more alarming, ADF team members have been harassed and threatened because of this label imposed by the SPLC.

You don’t have to take my word for it, though.

Just take a look at what others have been saying about the SPLC in the past few weeks.

The Washington Post – “Something strange is going on at this civil rights institution. It must be investigated.” – Jim Tharpe

In February 1994, after three years of research, the Advertiser published an eight-part series titled “Rising Fortunes: Morris Dees and the Southern Poverty Law Center” that found a litany of problems and questionable practices at the SPLC, including a deeply troubled history with its relatively few black employees, some of whom reported hearing the use of racial slurs by the organization’s staff and others who “likened the center to a plantation”; misleading donors with aggressive direct-mail tactics; exaggerating its accomplishments; spending most of its money not on programs but on raising more money; and paying its top staffers (including Dees and Cohen) lavish salaries…. And yet, based on the details of Dees’s ouster, the problems we identified 25 years ago do not appear to have been resolved. 

The New Yorker – “The Reckoning of Morris Dees and the Southern Poverty Law Center” – Bob Moser

For those of us who’ve worked in the Poverty Palace, putting it all into perspective isn’t easy, even to ourselves. We were working with a group of dedicated and talented people, fighting all kinds of good fights, making life miserable for the bad guys. And yet, all the time, dark shadows hung over everything: the racial and gender disparities, the whispers about sexual harassment, the abuses that stemmed from the top-down management, and the guilt you couldn’t help feeling about the legions of donors who believed that their money was being used, faithfully and well, to do the Lord’s work in the heart of Dixie. We were part of the con, and we knew it.

Current Affairs – “The Southern Poverty Law Center Is Everything That’s Wrong with Liberalism” – Nathan J. Robinson

The SPLC devotes a phenomenal amount of effort to chronicling “hate” across the country. Its quarterly “Intelligence Report,” a beautifully-produced glossy magazine about hate groups, is mailed out by the hundreds of thousands. It writes long profiles of hate figures documenting their every bigoted utterance, and keeps tabs on hate groups through its signature “Hate Map.”… The biggest problem with the hate map, though, is that it’s an outright fraud. I don’t use that term casually. I mean, the whole thing is a willful deception designed to scare older liberals into writing checks to the SPLC.

The SPLC is not a trustworthy source. It’s time for news outlets, major corporations, and tech companies to shut the door once and for all on this morally bankrupt and thoroughly discredited organization. Thankfully, now Twitter has.

Sarah Kramer

Digital Content Specialist

Sarah worked as an investigative reporter before joining the Alliance Defending Freedom team.

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