BLOGThis Doctor Was Called before a Hospital Review Board for Saving Lives

By Sarah Kramer Posted on: | August 20, 2018

When OB/GYN Dr. William Lile saved the lives of two patients, he wasn’t expecting to get called before the Institutional Review Board (IRB) of a Florida hospital for an investigation into his “experimental medical therapies.” But that is exactly what happened.

Why? Because he helped reverse the effects of an abortion pill that a pregnant woman took to end the life of her twins, which she then regretted.

As for the “experimental medical therapies,” Dr. Lile simply prescribed the mother progesterone, a natural hormone needed for a healthy pregnancy. The medication, called Prometrium, is routinely prescribed to pregnant women to help prevent a miscarriage and even preterm labor.

That course of action is hardly “experimental.”

The FDA has long approved using progesterone as a safe medical intervention to fight miscarriages. And using progesterone to reverse the effects of an abortion pill is not new. In the 11 years since Abortion Pill Reversal (APR) was launched, Pregnancy Help News reports that “over 500 women have used Abortion Pill Reversal to save their preborn babies from abortion.”

And yet, that hasn’t stopped the abortion industry and its allies in the mainstream media from attacking APR, calling it a “dangerous myth.”

But what’s so dangerous about saving lives anyways? Could it be that the abortion industry simply doesn’t care about the lives of the women and children who come through their doors like they claim? Or that they really aren’t about “choice” at all unless that choice ends the life of a child?

After all, Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers have publicly advocated against commonsense laws that promote women’s safety. Such laws simply require abortion facilities to comply with the same health and safety standards as similar outpatient, surgical centers. These are standards such as having hallways wide enough for a gurney, adequate staffing, proper sterilization procedures, and requiring abortionists to have admitting privileges to a hospital within 30 minutes of the abortion facility in case of complications.

As one of my colleagues so aptly asked, “Why would the abortion industry, which touts that abortion is ‘safe’ and seeks to provide women the ‘highest medical care possible,’ object to laws that actually ensure the safest protections for women?” 

Or better yet, why is it that abortion facilities continue to have very little oversight, and even actively oppose measures that would ensure they are protecting women’s safety, while doctors who take steps to defend life – at the mother’s request – are called before a hospital review board?

It doesn’t get much more backwards than that.

Doctors have a duty to defend and uphold life – to “do no harm.” Dr. Lile simply acted in accordance to that pledge as well as in accordance with the mother’s request.

As Dr. Lile wrote in an email: “If a patient regrets her decision to take a medication to take the lives of her babies… I believe that I have a DUTY to counsel her, consent her, and do everything medically possible to preserve the lives of the babies in her womb.”

Thankfully, the IRB recognized this after Dr. Lile presented the scientific facts and evidence, determining that this was reasonable care.

Even more exciting is that, over a month later, the twins continue to have normal heartbeats.

Ultimately, it’s an outcome we should all be able to celebrate. After all, a successful Abortion Pill Reversal saves a life (or in this case, two lives!) and gives more choice to the women who come to regret taking an abortion pill. But it’s unlikely that we will hear any cheering from the abortion industry, which clearly cares more about its bottom line than the women that walk through its doors.

Sarah Kramer

Digital Content Specialist

Sarah worked as an investigative reporter before joining the Alliance Defending Freedom team.

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