BLOGLaws Targeting Pregnancy Centers Are on the Rise. Here’s How They Can Protect Their Rights.

By Ken Connelly Posted on: | August 29, 2017

Pregnancy centers are motivated by the belief that life is a sacred gift from God, and that each individual human being deserves to be protected and welcomed into the world with open arms. But in a society where the freedom to peacefully live and work according to one’s sincerely held beliefs is under siege, it’s no surprise that pregnancy centers increasingly find themselves in the crosshairs.

At the top of the list of those targeting pregnancy centers are pro-abortion organizations and activists who object to the life-affirming services that these centers provide to pregnant women and their unborn children. In fact, in many states they, and their allies in state and local governments, have launched legislative campaigns to compel pregnancy centers to refer or advertise for abortion or abortifacient medications.

These efforts, which are growing more and more frequent and widespread, are aimed at destroying pregnancy centers by making them speak what they do not believe, and by making them act in ways that conflict with their very reason for being.

As if these malicious challenges to the core mission of pregnancy centers were not bad enough, the peddlers of sexual autonomy have made the situation even worse. Throughout the country, laws based upon sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGIs) have been used to trump our first freedoms—freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

Similarly, Obamacare’s HHS mandate forces nonprofits like March for Life to offer abortion-inducing drugs as part of their health insurance coverage; ADF has sued the federal government on behalf of March for Life. It’s not hard to imagine opponents of the pro-life cause using these same laws to attack pregnancy centers and coerce them into violating their mission and beliefs.

That’s why Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) has created a new legal guide, Protecting Your Pregnancy Center from Religious Freedom Threats. It aims to provide pregnancy centers with the knowledge and foresight necessary to enable them to continue to operate in a way that is consistent with their mission and beliefs, without fear and without apology.

Within the guide are examples of what other ministries around the country are facing; how other pregnancy centers may be vulnerable to similar threats; and what they can do to secure crucial legal protections to help them prevail in the legal challenges that are sure to come.

It is not always easy to protect and defend life, especially when pressure and intimidation from a hostile world threaten the very mission of these pro-life pregnancy centers. But ADF remains ready to help as they protect life and seek to make abortion unwanted.

Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers Should Never Be Forced into Abortion Advocacy by the State

ADF stands ready to defend the right of pregnancy centers to operate according to their beliefs. Get a free copy of this guide to learn more about these rights, current cases, and practical steps pregnancy centers can take to protect themselves. 

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Ken Connelly

Legal Counsel

Ken Connelly serves as legal counsel with Alliance Defending Freedom, where he plays a key role with the Center for Life.

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