$600,000 MatchYour Gift to Train Christian Attorneys Will Be Doubled

For almost a century, opponents of religious freedom — including the ACLU and its powerful network  — have been working to subvert America’s Christian heritage and undermine our religious freedom. They’ve done serious, undeniable damage.

But you can help protect religious freedom for yourself, your children, and your grandchildren by supporting the ADF Academy.

You can help defeat the attacks on your values

Formed two decades ago, the Academy is the only effort of its kind in the world to prepare Christian attorneys to take on and defeat opponents of religious freedom in court. Only a select group is invited to participate in the Academy — the best of the best.

At the Academy, these highly-skilled professionals learn from leading experts about today’s most pressing threats to religious freedom and strategize on the most effective ways to join together to preserve our most cherished freedoms.

And then, most importantly, they get to work. The average attendee has reported more than 500 hours of pro bono service – a gift valued at more than $100,000 from each lawyer.

The result has been many great victories in court for you against legal positions advocated by the ACLU and other powerful opponents of freedom. And today, thanks to a $600,000 matching grant, any gift you can give in support of the Academy will be doubled dollar for dollar.

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Your gift to help train Christian attorneys at the ADF Academy could help save religious freedom for your children and grandchildren.

You can preserve religious freedom for your children and grandchildren

This opportunity comes at a pivotal time, because the ACLU and its collaborators are having a devastating effect on our culture. A prime example: two years ago, activists who support same-sex marriage, working hand in hand with the ACLU, convinced the Supreme Court to impose its redefinition of marriage across the country.

Religious freedom opponents now demand not only acceptance, but that Christians celebrate and affirm same-sex marriage. In the words of one activist quoted in The New York Times, “Church leaders must be made to take homosexuality off the sin list.”

But this is only the beginning:

  • The ACLU’s vision for America now demands that men must be allowed in women’s showers, locker rooms, and similar private spaces. They dismiss any concerns about basic privacy and safety as alarmist and extremist.
  • ACLU attorneys are working alongside advocates of abortion and same-sex marriage, opposing parental rights, and filing lawsuits challenging religious freedom.
  • ACLU supporters are closely monitoring public schools, ready to contact the ACLU if they detect religious expression. The ACLU’s lawyers follow up quickly to bully the schools with threats of ruinous lawsuits.

The ACLU and other like-minded organizations have no place for your religious freedom ... and see no room in the public square for the Christian heritage that provides the foundation for all of our freedoms.

In the coming months, we must counter these attacks, or our children and grandchildren could grow up in a country where religious freedom is greatly diminished.

You can defend religious freedom

The ADF Academy is one of the best ways to defend religious freedom and preserve the timeless Christian values you want your children and their children to inherit. Here’s why:

  • More than 1,900 Christian attorneys have been trained to defend religious liberty, the sanctity of life, and marriage and family.
  • Over 1 million pro bono legal hours donated to protect religious freedom — worth more than $200 million — have been reported by Allied Attorneys trained at the ADF Academy.
  • Attorneys trained at the ADF Academy have assisted in the majority of our court cases, including the 49 Supreme Court victories in which ADF has played an important role.
  • Academy-trained attorneys are providing expert legal help — the help that you and others like you need — in hundreds of other courtroom and legal battles across the country.

Even this doesn’t do justice to all that God is doing through Academy alumni. Academy-trained attorneys are gaining influence and securing prominent positions to help protect and revitalize America’s legal system.

Their influence is being felt internationally, too: in Australia, Canada, Italy, Nepal, Peru, and other countries throughout the world.

But to train another class of Christian attorneys at the Academy this year — and ensure that attacks on religious freedom will not go unanswered — we need your help today.

The Academy equips Christian attorneys with the specialized training they need to effectively defend your religious freedom.
Sometimes, these attorneys even save lives.

You can help achieve more victories like this one

Many of the attorneys you help train end up working on dozens of cases. And sometimes, the work you enable them to do is lifesaving.

Karlene Turrentine knows this. She’s an attorney from North Carolina who attended the Academy in the summer of 2015. Recently, Karlene fought to save the life of a car accident victim whose doctors predicted she would never recover from her injuries.

The doctors advised the woman’s grieving husband to disconnect her ventilator, remove her feeding tube, and let her go. But her parents didn’t want to give up on her.

Because of Karlene’s intervention, a judge ordered that the woman’s ventilator and feeding tube be kept intact. Today, she has fully recovered. At the conclusion of the legal case, the judge said, “I can’t believe what we almost did!”

Thanks be to God, you helped save a life.


Your gift will be doubled, and that’s just the start!

Thanks to the $600,000 matching grant, your gift today will be doubled dollar for dollar. But that’s only part of the story. As mentioned earlier, on average, Christian attorneys trained at the ADF Academy have reported more than 500 hours of service to the body of Christ. Using conservative billing rates to calculate the value, that’s a gift of more than $100,000 from each lawyer.

Your help is needed today!

You may not be a lawyer. But you can still help … and that help is vital. Today, you can support the efforts of ADF, ensuring that Christian lawyers will be trained and strengthening the work of the nation’s largest alliance-building legal ministry.

  • Today, YOU can help ensure a future of religious freedom in America — for your children and grandchildren.
  • Today, YOU can give and have your gift doubled by the $600,000 matching grant.